Wahkiakum County Consolidated Diking District #1 Flood Damage Reduction Project is a federally authorized and constructed and locally operated and maintained rural flood protection project.  Consolidated Diking District #1 is responsible for operating and maintaining the flood protection system which consists of:

    19.3 miles of earthen levee
    3 drainage structures
    6 pump stations
    11 pumps


 Diking District #1 protects and drains 3,585 acres on Puget Island and 480 acres on Little Island. The Diking District’s levee system also provides access to 350 structures on Puget Island and 40 structures on Little Island that are on the riverward portion of the levee prism.


 The Diking District’s levee system occupies a wholly owned 100-foot-wide right-of-way around each island. Little Island’s right-of-way from the centerline of the levee is 20 feet riverward and 80 feet landward.  Puget Island’s right-of-way from the centerline of the levee ranges from 20 feet to 45 feet riverward and 50 feet to 95 feet landward.  Utilities are located within the right-of-way and include ground buried water lines, fiber optics, and telephone lines as well as above ground power lines.


 Diking District #1 is presided over by a Board of Commissioners. The commissioners hold monthly public meetings to plan work, pay expenses, and discuss anything else pertinent to the scope of the district’s function.  The board is comprised of three elected individuals who serve six-year terms.  The terms are overlapping with one position up for election every two years.  Elections occur on even numbered years.  Eligible individuals must be registered to vote in the State of Washington and own land within the district’s boundaries.
 Public Meetings
  •     Second Friday of each month
  •     6 pm
  •     Local Fire Hall