WCCDD#1 is responsiblie for operating and maitain the flood-protection systems which consists of

  • 19.3 miles of earthen levee
  • 3 drainage structures
  • 6 pump stations protects
  • 3,585 acres on Puget Island and 480 acres on Little Island
  • Provides access to 350 structures on Puget Island and 40 structures on Little IslandĀ  that are on the riverward portion of the levee prism.

Major modifications to strengthen the levee and provide drainage occurred during the 1950s and 1960s.

The 1975-1977 project raised and strengthened levee, replaced three pump stations and constructed a new pump house.

The levee system occupies a right of way:

  • Little Island Right of Way from the centerline of the levee is 20 feet riverward and 80 feet landward.
  • Puget Island Right of Way from the centerlineof the levee ranges from 20 feet to 45 feet rivewward and 50 feet to 95 feet landward.

Within the Right of Way, utilties are located and include below ground buried water lines, fiber optics and telephone lines as well as above ground power lines.